Weaving Stories

  • Ingrid Kincaid

    Ingrid Kincaid
    "The earth is always changing, always in upheaval, always creating new land as it destroys at the same time. This is so much a part of rune wisdom, creation and destruction, life and death, existing side by side."
  • The World Tree Of The Northern Tradition

    The World Tree Of The Northern Tradition
    The world tree of the Northern Germanic cosmology stands at the center of all realms of existence. Such a dynamic and dauntingly complex symbol of the multiverse can ultimately be approached as a living, organic gateway or portal to exploring all possible realities in its life-sustaining and supporting structure. As we shall see, it is in this dynamic complexity that dwells the journey towards recovering, understanding and seeing important and sometimes contradictory facets of our ancestors' spiritual world-view.
  • Chanelle Allesandre Bergeron

    Chanelle Allesandre Bergeron

    "We live in a world that wants to distract us around every corner. Distraction can be good, in doses, & I do love a good distraction. But the more we push away from our centers, the further we get from that inner wellspring that is rich with our Ancestral waters & wisdom." ~C.A.B.

  • Rory Valentine Diller

    Rory Valentine Diller
    "I believe that the ocean purified my energy and cleansed away my anxieties, depression and heartaches every time I swam."
  • Ali & Joe

    Ali & Joe
    "Standing on the bald and looking out over the blue-grey expanse, I felt the presence of the divine. It was uncanny at the time and I didn’t have words for it, but the experience of my heart dilating and coming into contact with something enormous, mysterious, and yet also interior has stayed with me always."
  • Clay Camero

    Clay Camero
    "As humans we want to be comfortable, are primarily focused on survival, and in seeking comfort we tend forget the suffering of others. If we are privileged enough to choose where we live, we try to find the prettiest place to set down roots and escape, and then what? You sit with your tangled mind and try to untangle it, and find you need other voices to lead you in the right direction, or another warm body to seek solace in. You find you need to seek wisdom for your untrained, unruly mind. And you leave the safety of your cozy confines to seek what wisdom you cannot teach yourself."