• Gregory Allen Meredith

    Gregory Allen Meredith

    Please introduce yourself & give us a glimpse into your world. Where are you located? What are you currently creating? 

    My name is Gregory Allen Meredith. My name is also Soham. Some also call me Siri. All are welcome. I would say that I identify as a wizard. A rhythmic wizard. 

    I live with my family (my two sweeties) in Northern Washington State on the ancestral homelands of the Coast Salish Peoples, the Lummi Nation, and the Nooksack Tribe. I am grateful to be a guest here.

    My honey Melissa and I are starting a music project. Ethereal earthy journeying type music—textured, with underground river vibes. Celestial rhythmic spiral song. Solar/Lunar balance, Dagaz resonance.

    I’ve been immersed in the Runes for the past year. It’s a new and grounded magic presence that they have brought to my life. A sense of everything coming together—a fortifying vibration of place: feeling at home. Combined with Tea has been the center of my magic(k) practice.  

    I have been collaborating with my friend Ashish and his online tea course Learn Gong Fu Tea. I help curate pure, satisfying, and unique Chinese tea. I also provide Tea Prescriptions (Tea Rx), which essentially are Tarot or Rune readings with tea selections made for you based on where you are at in your conversation with the Multiverse. The readings are FUN and practical; giving you tools to take with you on your journey. Starting a tea practice can feel overwhelming at first because there is so much to know and in my experience the practice benefits from simplicity. We have a tea shop and video tea journeys (reviews) for each tea. It’s been a fun and rewarding collaboration. I love Tea and feel happy to share in the Magic of Tea with others throughout the Earth. 

    I also work for a membership website platform called MemberMouse. I enjoy helping people create solid foundations for their online businesses. Especially those who, like myself, have an offering; have the content, but are just starting to figure out how to navigate monetizing, organization, and presenting their medicine to the world within the digital realms. A lot of us creative types get stuck either in the technical aspect of building a website or through the multitude of ways imposter syndrome can creep in. My intention is to help others move through the transition of stuck to thriving through bridging the communication gap between the subtle and the gross; the digital and the physical. 

    Melissa and I’s most recent collaboration was/is creating a child! A baby! Whoa, now this is a journey let me tell you. So much beyond comprehension greatness has happened this past year with the creation of our star daughter Runa. 

    I would say my world right now is very surreal. My experience of parenthood and family is that it’s a multidimensional vortex of the utmost mystical proportions. It’s all of the things and more. We are creating a life together.

    I feel that I am on the precipice of coming into my own offering—a deeper layer thereof. The details are unknown, but the feeling is there and the sense of knowing at the very least to trust the guidance.

    Can you tell us about a childhood experience that was profound or life changing? Or a memory that still resonates with you today?

    It’s kind of three experiences that are somehow all connected. I remember when I was very young that I would just talk to God—my people, inside myself. An internal dialogue—a benevolent guidance. That was more of an experiencing. A deep sense of feeling looked after and cared for. 

    I loved to play by this creek in the spring and summer near my childhood home in Western Pennsylvania. I would gently lift the rocks to see if there were salamanders. I loved to hang out with them so much. That was my first more deeper connection I felt with other-than human beings. An inner language shared. A sense of kinship.

    When I was 13, I started playing the drums. That became my meditation. My expression. It has very powerfully and directly transformed my life over and over again. Drumming is the language through which I can most accurately communicate that which is deep inside. That, and I’ve found that it’s connected to the Voice and Singing from the Soul—through the Heart. The Universal/Multiversal. To what we all share. 

    Tarot cards spread over a table with a tea pot and tea cups

    What daily rituals or practices if any, connect you with the spiritual realms? 

    I have a daily tea practice that is often woven in with the Runes and Tarot. I find that the combo and the daily nature of it really helps keep a flow of conversation with the spiritual realms. Ideally, I like to write every day inspired by the Tea and Runes.  

    I also have practices given to me by my Guru Shri Anandi Ma. Those daily practices and rituals are now the foundation of my life. I’m part of a Vedic lineage; a Shakti tradition of India.  I feel very blessed to be part of an ancient lineage. I’m forever in runa to my Guru Dhyanyogiji for passing the teachings and energy to Ma and for all the blessings that have been showered upon me by them. 

    We recently had a Shraddh ceremony, which is a puja to the ancestors. It was my first time participating this year. It’s a 16 day period; a lunar cycle that occurs around the first half of September. Each day certain rites are performed leading up to the final day where there’s a ceremony. I found it to be quite profound. I look forward to continuing to deepen on this path. 

    What parts of the world do your ancestors come from? What inspires you most about your ancestral cultural background? 

    So far in my remembering with my ancestors, I have found that a seeming majority have been in Western/Central Pennsylvania since the 1600s. On both sides of my family, I have ancestors from Central and Northern Germany, England, and Wales. I suspect Scotland as well. 

    I’m inspired by the mystery inherent in my ancestry. There’s so much that I don’t know and to me that is exciting. A lot has been uncovered through exploring the sweet tides of the unknown that is allowing the magic to happen. Surrendering and acceptance. My Ancestors feel as though they have been weaving through my life like a psychedelic tapestry. 

    So far, so much has been revealed to me through simply asking to connect with them and to know more about them. There’s no mistake that the Runes starting coming in so strongly for me since deepening in my ancestral workings. 

    cup filled with tea and steam

    How do you stay connected to your Ancestors?

    I like pouring them tea everyday. I have an offering cup for tea and another offering cup for water. I find that the tea ritual connects me to my Ancestors and my expanded Being. Combined with daily Rune castings and relating to the Runes as Beings. 

    I have an altar where I have a water cup that I like to keep filled and clear for my ancestors. I also like to make meals for them as well as share a beer with them.

    I like to relate to the trees in the area and at the very least acknowledge them. I like to visit them and talk to them. It’s more of an internal experience, but sometimes songs come through.

    I do like to research about my Ancestors, and where they came from. It helps further ground my connection. I’m very much in the beginning stages of that journey.

    I find that drumming ultimately connects me to the Ancient Ones, the Mountains, and the All that is the Rhythm. I feel that my ancient ancestors mainly communicated through music and rhythm. The drumming helps take me on the journey where I commune with them and the larger and highest aspects of that which I’m a part.

    Also, I feel that listening and playing metal music connects me with my Ancestors. 

     Where in nature you seek inspiration / healing / refuge? In other word's do you have a "spot" or an activity? Please describe.

    We live out in the country surrounded by horses. I like going into the back field where I can look at the Mountains. It feels wide open, yet very private.

    We recently drove through the Cascades and that was very inspiring and healing. We visited the Methow Valley, and something about that area really is my rhythm. There’s still so much for me to explore in the Pacific Northwest. 

    Mountainous areas and rivers/streams are my refuge. Right now, I feel that my “spot” is the land I live on. There’s a Sitka Spruce that I like to be under, and seems to constantly be dripping with aromatic sap that I like to adorn myself with. 

    One of my favorite activities is drumming in Nature. We have a tree stump on the land that is like a throne and has a great tone and feel. It’s almost like a cajon! I’ll go out there and play it which is very cathartic for me, as my drum set is packed up in storage right now.


    What is the last good book you read?

    I’m currently reading The Runes Revealed: an (un) familiar journey by Ingrid Kincaid. I love the way she asks questions and how those questions help me dispel conditioning and programs that often times I didn’t know that I was still running. 

    Where can people find you & your work?

    For now, you can find me on Instagram: @clearaltar. I have a link in my bio: linktr.ee/clearaltar where you can find Learn Gong Fu Tea, our Tea Shop, and my Tea Rx offering. 

    I don’t really advertise my one-on-one readings right now. I do offer them though. My readings are a combination of several disciplines and essentially my language. I am a diviner, and I use whatever tools are coming through me in any moment which is highly specific to the person receiving the reading. I weave the Runes, Vedic Astrology, Tarot, Human Design, Numerology and more into a fluid conversation for the receiver to easefully absorb and practically use in their day-to-day life.

    You can email me at clearaltar@gmail.com to inquire about a reading. I like for each reading to be as unique and customized to the individual as possible. 


    Thank you Ancestral Thread for giving me the opportunity to connect with your mystical community!