Alraun (Mandrake)
  • Alraun (Mandrake)
  • Alraun (Mandrake)
  • Alraun (Mandrake)

Alraun (Mandrake)

Ancestral Thread


The mysteries still beckon for us to enter the ancestral labyrinths of forever. The mysteries are true technology. They are not simply handed down to humans from the divine. We cannot purchase or command their spirits. We are not born with their wisdom. One must die to receive their medicines. This is the pure alchemical path of initiatory transformation. This is the path that is chosen by the seeker that is dreaming...

The Queen of all magical plants, with significant myth & lore that precedes her, Mandrake or Mandragora has two European species. The German name for her, Alraun which means "possessing knowledge of the runes" or "all knowing of the mysteries" is a hint at the prophetic ecstasy this entheogen can bestow on the magical practitioner. Whether as a seeress utilizing Seidr trance work or a rune master employing Galdr magic, Alraun unlocks hidden portals and allows perforation to occur in Midgard's occasionally dense solidity.

Symbolic Meanings:

Nine Tines of Glory ~ These are the nine tines "twigs, small branches or section of deer antler" that when layered create the mother rune matrix that holds all possible runic manifestations in its construction. -see symbol on left side of disk

Nine Witches In Wood ~ From the Poetic Edda, Voluspa st. 2, translation by Maria Kvilhaug. These are the Nine Giantesses of Northern lore that guard the roots of the Worlds Tree.

Nine Immortal Nights ~ Refers to the nine nights of Odhinn's self initiatory ordeal on the Worlds Tree.

Reyn til Rûna ~ An Old Norse magical formula via Iceland, literally "Seek Towards the Runes (Mysteries)". Rûna is the divine feminine mystery principle that all runic practitioners seek to know.

Myself To Myself ~ From the Poetic Edda, Hávamal st. 138, the significant detail of Odhinn's "sacrifice" which makes his magical intention abundantly clear; his quest is for ultimate self actualization.

Alraun ~ The embodiment of runic consciousness or wisdom of the Hidden.

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