Wyrd Weaver Plant Dyed T Shirt | S-XL
  • Wyrd Weaver Plant Dyed T Shirt | S-XL
  • Wyrd Weaver Plant Dyed T Shirt | S-XL

Wyrd Weaver Plant Dyed T Shirt | S-XL

Ancestral Thread


Very limited edition plant tie dyed WYRD WEAVER T shirts!

Wyrd Weaver ~ Great Grandmother ~ Urdhr ~ Primal Patterns ~ Portal Protector ~She is the first being born possessing a womb ~ Holiest of Mysteries

 Anything that has been or will be is Urdhr's domain. Eldest of the Nornir, she, along with her sisters, nourishes the World Tree's roots with life sustaining clay & water from Urdarbrunnr, the Well of Wyrd. The Norse sagas tell us that Udrhr & The Nornir were here before the Æsir & humankind, weaving the web of wyrd for all beings of the multiverse. The Nornir are Frost Giantesses, ancient & immutable. Untamable & mysterious holders of the wisdom of the very weave of reality. 

The Amanita Muscaria mushroom was venerated & revered by our Northern European Ancestors for their prophetic visionary wisdom as well as their shamanic wyrd walking capabilities. Mycelium is the chthonic web of the forest, connecting & communicating with all other organic life. Spiritual journeying & achieving ecstatics states of divine inspiration, dream travel & blood walking are all associated with the Amanita mushroom whose mycelial web communicates to humans as well. 

~~Each T shirt has been hand tie dyed so the pattern & color blend of the T shirt you purchase may vary slightly from the photograph. We feel they are all uniquely beautiful! We used onion skins in dying these T shirts. The color may change around your armpits if you wear deodorants containing aluminum.

Natural organic cotton T shirts grown in Texas, knit in North Carolina.

Size                    Chest             Length                 

S                          37"                   27.5"

M                         39"                   27"        

L                          43"                   28"         

XL                        50"                   30"

~ For best results in washing, please use cold water & line dry when possible, otherwise low heat in dryer

For size reference, model is 5'8" tall, bust 33", waist 30", hips 38" wearing a size small

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